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Dual Monitored Valves
"Safety Package Systems" ( Suit Category 3 & 4 ) 

  • 'Safety package systems' are dual monitored valve systems, which comprise of 2 monitored valves mounted on 1 series ported manifold for pneumatic safety applications.
  • Used to interface fluid power operation of plant with electrical safety circuits, 'Safety package systems' prevent single faults, within fluid power safety systems, from leading to the loss of the safety function.
  • Correct monitoring ensures single fault detection and prevents further operation of the secondary valve until the fault is corrected.
  • Once correctly connected to an approved device (an approved, dual channel safety relay) for monitoring of the dual redundancy, the 'Safety package systems' are:
    • Dual redundant in function
    • Monitored for a fault and, therefore, the loss of dual redundancy.
    • Of fail-to-safe design (a single fault does not lead to the loss of the safety function).
    • Able to lock-out and inhibit further operation upon detection of a fault until corrected.
  • 'Safety package systems' are available in a variety of port sizes, flow rates and spool configurations (depending on the application). This signifies that the versatile range is capable of safely controlling and isolating pneumatic power, whilst fulfilling the widest range of needs in pneumatic energy control.
  • Our 'Safety package systems' comply with all applicable directives (EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EC) and harmonized standards (EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 1050, EN 60204, EN 954.1, EN 983) for pneumatic fluid power systems and their components. They qualify for CE compliance and for use with Category 4 of control system in accordance with AS 4024 and EN 954.1.


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